BestBooksToRead website workflow

Hugo + GitHub + Cloudflare Pages

This website uses Hugo as its primary engine. All of the code were hosted at GitHub, then deployed as a static website at Cloudflare Pages.

Go + Heroku

The backend to generate the articles were written in Go, deployed at Heroku. It is a simple process to get the title data from Google Sheets, then call the ChatGPT API to create the article, and update the Hugo website by calling the GitHub API.


The primary engine to create all of the articles in this website. I use gpt-3.5-turbo model, with the average of 800-1,000 tokens per article and with the price of $0.002/1K tokens, it costs around $0.18/month to generate all of the articles (3 articles per day).

Google Sheets

This is where I store the list of titles of articles I want to create. All of the titles were also generated by AI using ChatGPT.

Cloudflare Workers

This is used to trigger the content generation by calling the backend, triggered by cron every 8 hours.